AIBE Conversation Series “Repairing a broken system: Trust, Ethics and Governance in an era of Scepticism and Scandal.”

Over the past few years, national enquiries have revealed systematic failures of ethical culture, integrity and governance. Trust, ethics and governance are of high concern to Boardrooms given these failures threaten balanced discourse, public policy and social cohesion.

On September 10, 2019, in association with AIBE, co-leads of Trust, Ethics and Governance Alliance (TEGA), Professor Nicole Gillespie and Associate Professor Sarah Kelly shared key insights into the complexities of ethics, integrity, and self-regulation in the age of increasingly global operations.

Commencing with an overview of why an Alliance on trust, ethics and governance is important, Professor Gillespie emphasised that to develop nuanced responses that promote sustainable and effective policy and practice reform these issues require a multi-jurisdictional and inter-disciplinary research lens. Associate Professor Kelly also highlighted that the formation of the Alliance also assists industry in seeking research-informed insight and guidance.

Professor Gillespie and Associate Professor Kelly shared some of the current TEGA projects highlighting the following:

  • Trust repair and maintenance
  • Psychological drivers of unethical behavior
  • Causes and responses to ethical transgressions in mission-based organisations
  • International regulation of non-trial resolutions with corporations in foreign bribery cases.
  • How emotions impact upon customer responses to organisational trust violations: Quasi-experiments of a National Express coach crash and the Volkswagen 'Dieselgate' scandal.
  • Transnational process of law formation in the area of corporate crime control (with a focus on Australia).
  • The public revelation of firms’ tax aggression: Are there reputational consequences with investors and tax regulators?’
  • Making a difference through people: How skills in and around the boardroom guide strategic change execution.
  • Sports scandal and corruption; governance reform
  • Death by Committee? An Analysis of Delegation by Corporate Boards?

Senior executives and board members from across industry attended the series and engaged in meaningful discussion with the TEGA co-leads regarding the most important TEG issues and discussed effective communication methods to industry ensuring it delivers value and impact.

Professor Gillespie and Associate Professor Kelly received positive feedback regarding the TEGA and were met with opportunities to forge partnerships with industry executives.

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