Cybersecurity attacks offer a pertinent context within which to examine the currently under-explored dynamics of trust and distrust and their consequences for organisations and their employees. Such attacks wreak havoc in organisations, costly both in financial and reputational terms. In this talk, Professor Rosalind Searle will outline the dynamic processes that can follow an initial attack, making salient vulnerability to an unseen exploiter, and germane trust and trustworthiness for a number of relationships in an employing organisation. Drawing from events theory, Rosalind will outline a multi-level conceptual trust model of the interrelations between the emotional, cognitive and social processes that an attack can produce, distinguishing two paths of markedly different duration, magnitude, and threat consequences. Her research contends that a second pathway can contain these events much more effectively and increase the resilience of both the target and their employing organisation.

Speaker Bio 

Professor Rosalind H. Searle holds the chair in Human Resource Management and Organisational Psychology at the Adam Smith Business School in Glasgow. She is also Director of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology’s Impact Incubator. She is a chartered Occupational Psychologist, and a Fellow of the British Psychological Society, The Royal Society of Arts, and for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Rosalind’s research focuses primarily on organisational trust, and through this lens she is interested in the role of HRM processes for trust, the impact of change on organisational trust, the role of Decent work, and exploring distrust and its consequences particularly for counterproductive work behaviours. She is interested in the psychological processes that underpin changes to employee emotions, cognitions and behaviours. Her research has appeared in leading international journals (e.g. HRM, Journal of Organisational Behavior, International Journal of HRM, Long Range Planning and Organization Studies).  She was also co-editor for the Routledge Companion to Trust and for Edward Elgar’s Frontiers of Trust book series. She is an associate editor for Group and Organisation Management and the Journal of Trust Research and also sits on several boards including Human Relations, Journal of Management and International Perspectives in Psychology: Research, Practice, Consultation.

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