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  • Game-changing technologies offer huge benefits for society, such as a vaccine for COVID-19, but bringing them to market can be a long and arduous journey. New research suggests ways to overcome the barriers.
  • In the wake of the devastating bushfires, the challenge is not just to replace the burnt-out properties but also to rebuild the businesses and economy these communities rely on, which tourism plays a vital part in.
  • Frontier businesses are making money and creating wellbeing at the same time, thanks to a recognition that the two factors are deeply interconnected according to new research. The study worked with 117 leaders from Alaska, India and Norway.
  • There’s a long list of corporate scandals that have damaged public trust in respected businesses. Research suggests that corporate wrongdoing is often due to ‘ethical blind spots’ rather than wilful misconduct.
  • Non-humans are moving into frontline roles. But would you really want to work with a robot – and can they offer long-term value to a business? New research helps leaders prepare for the future workforce.
  • Today there is no such thing as a product-only business, according to a new approach that aims to encourage innovation. Many manufactured products including TVs, mobile phones and ‘smart’ devices are there to deliver a service, yet often the service element is greater and more profitable than the product itself.
  • Achieving constant economic growth is unrealistic in a world with finite resources. But how do we change mindsets and limit consumption in a fair and acceptable way? Dr Cle-Anne Gabriel analyses models of business within a ‘degrowth’ economy.
  • Subtle differences in the upbringing of boys and girls could set the scene for inequality at work, research shows. Over 10,000 boys and girls in single-sex schools with surprising results.
  • Despite a series of suicides by high-profile chefs, conditions have not improved in Australian restaurant kitchens according to one UQ Business School researcher who is exploring ways to create change.


  • Forget PowerPoint presentations - leaders need to be able to tell a good story if they are to make their ideas stick. Storytelling can help businesses to motivate staff and inspire brand loyalty. Now developments in the digital world are making this ancient art more relevant than ever.
  • Two heads are better than one, as the saying goes. But what if you could tap into the combined expertise of hundreds or thousands of people? Crowdsourcing allows companies to do just that – whether you are looking to solve a problem, find fresh ideas and inspiration or a new source of labour.
  • Now there’s a new place to hang out at work. Enterprise social networks provide an online environment where employees can get to know their colleagues, work together and exchange ideas.
  • We have heard a lot about it but is it just a buzzword? Here are six ways in which big data is being used in business and society at large.
  • Smartphones will become the new wallets as digital money grows in popularity - but this new and disruptive technology could also have a profound impact on business and the world economy.
  • Innovation isn’t just about technology - enterprising HR professionals are enhancing their firm’s performance by finding new ways to manage and motivate staff. Here are 7 ways to follow their example and be a HR innovator.

  • Innovation has long been viewed as a way to achieve competitive advantage but new research suggests it may be an asset for brand building too.
  • As a series of major transport schemes gets underway, could a new and more radical approach to project management help keep them on track?

  • Research has provided new insights into the way consumers view innovations – and how to command their love and respect.


  • While women still face barriers to the boardroom, there are some things they can do to help their career progress. A leadership expert gives five tips for those who want to move up the ladder.
  • In the wake of the GFC, businesses are under pressure to improve corporate governance. But while some complain of the added burden, others are starting to appreciate the benefits.
  • We clock up 189 million hours of online video each year in Australia. Business and corporate videos are the second most popular content category, after entertainment. Do you know where to look for the latest and greatest online business video insights?
  • Ask a management consultant a question and what are you likely to get? A bill. Is the management consultancy industry listening to its own (often expensive) advice and becoming agile, innovative and customer focussed in the face of uncertainty and rapid change?
  • Credit rating agencies wield considerable power in the global financial system. With one of the big three agencies, Standard & Poor’s, being sued for $5 billion by the US department of justice, we look at what credit ratings do and why they are all over the news.
  • In an age where syndicated content is increasing and journalists at major news outlets are being asked to produce more with declining resources, the alternative voice and subject matter offered by independent publishers is needed more than ever.
  • Only one in four employees is fully engaged at work. New research shows that having staff who share the company’s values is key to improving motivation and suggests that businesses may need to review their recruitment policies.
  • Confronting problem behaviour is part of a manager’s role. Leadership expert Dr Polly Parker explains how to use ‘challenging conversations’ to resolve conflict and bring about change.

  • Traditional businesses in Indonesia are facing a fresh challenge, as the new generation of graduates exposed to western ideas are starting to rebel against authoritarian management styles and the subservient role expected of them.