Researcher biography

Dr Babakhani's research addresses tourism sustainability, focusing on the environmental impact of tourism. Her work on tourism environmental impact is to use psychophysiological methods to develop and test interventions that trigger pro-environmental behaviour in tourists. Specifically, her expertise encompasses lab based eye-tracking technology to the study of tourist behaviour. In addition, she works on the environmental footprint of tourism at national levels, quantifying the tourism carbon footprint of countries using the input-output modelling.

Dr Babakhani has published in top academic journals including the Annals of Tourism Research and Journal of Sustainable Tourism. She holds a Bachelor degree in Mining Engineering, Masters degree in Business Administration, and PhD degree in Tourism at the University of Queensland, exploring pro-environmental behaviour in tourists. Dr Babakhani is currently a postdoctoral research fellow in an ARC Discovery Project that will assess tourism carbon footprint. The project set up the global tourism carbon emissions database and identify enablers for tourism decarbonization.