Micromobility Research Cluster

Micromobility is revolutionising and disrupting urban transport systems globally, offering an array of benefits alongside challenges to communities, planning authorities, and the tourism industry. UQ is leading the charge in understanding this ever-changing landscape.

The Micromobility Research Cluster is a group of leading interdisciplinary scholars across business, tourism, geography, urban planning, and transport engineering, working to move micromobility beyond commonly held misperceptions to understanding.

Based in Brisbane, Australia's first city to host a hired e-scooter scheme,  we're uniquely positioned to study the ever-evolving micromobility industry. 

Our aims

  • Understand the use and utility of micromobility in providing a sustainable transport solution.
  • Promote the seamless integration of micromobility with other transport.
  • Understand the role and impact of micromobility for tourism and business communities.
  • Protect the safety and security of micromobility users. 
  • Understand the importance of micromobility in leisure, recreation, and sport.

Research lead


  Dr Richard J Buning, Faculty of Business, Economics and Law


Key researchers  

Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology:

Faculty of Science:

Faculty of Business, Economics and Law

We collaborate with a wide range of industry and government organisations, providing cross-disciplinary expertise in micromobility research. Our partners include:

  • Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network (AURIN)
  • Beam Mobility
  • Bicycle Queensland
  • Brisbane City Council
  • BYKKO Mobility
  • Lime
  • Micromobility Research Partnership (MRP)
  • Neuron Mobility
  • Queensland Department of Transportation and Main Roads
  • Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC)

This is a sample of our research and media publications. Contact us for more.

Research report

So, What do you Think About eScooters and eBikes: Understanding Visitor and Resident Experiences and Perceptions with Micromobility In Brisbane (PDF, 3 MB).
Buning, R. J., Pham, W., & Chen, M. (2023). Prepared for Brisbane City Council. 

This report is the result of the first cross-disciplinary and academic-government-industry partnership of its kind worldwide. We explored differences in visitors’ and residents’ usage of eMicromobility in the city of Brisbane. Our findings provided unique insights into the experiences of visitors and residents as micromobility users and non-users. Practically, the research outcomes will lead to the creation of a tourism micromobility research agenda, as well as direct implications for transport and tourism planning and management of transport infrastructure in Brisbane.

Reports and publications on UQ espace

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Articles in The Conversation and other media

We specialise in the following areas of micromibility research:

  • Tourism and destination management
  • Urban planning and design
  • Transport engineering
  • Urban geography
  • Human spatial behavior
  • Spatial analysis and modelling
  • Choice modelling


For media and collaboration opportunities, contact us at micromobility@uq.edu.au