Accelerated Master's Program - Tecnologico de Monterrey

Graduate with a master’s degree from The University of Queensland Business School through the Accelerated Master's Program with Tecnológico (Tec) de Monterrey.

This program is only available to students studying an approved program at Tec de Monterrey.

Benefits of the Accelerated Master's Program

  • Graduate with a master’s degree in just one year, in either the:
  • Study at one of Australia's highest-ranking universities, renowned for cutting-edge research, outstanding academic staff, and close associations with leading global organisations.
  • Broaden your career opportunities and develop a global network.
  • Live and study in Australia, and gain an excellent working knowledge of another language and culture.

How it works

As part of your bachelor's degree at Tec de Monterrey, you have the option to come to UQ for a semester of study abroad and undertake specified courses within your chosen UQ master's degree. 

You'll then return home, and once you've completed your bachelor's degree at Tec de Monterrey, you can apply for the full master's program at UQ, and come back to complete it in one year (2 semesters).


You must:

  • be a current student in one of the following Tec de Monterrey Bachelor of Science (B.S.) or Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degrees
  • meet the requirements for the UQ study abroad semester, and
  • meet all entry requirements for your chosen UQ master’s degree.

Bachelor program at Tec de Monterrey

UQ program

  • B.S. in Agricultural Biosystems Engineering
  • B.S. in Food Engineering
  • B.S. in Biotechnology Engineering
  • B.S. in Civil Engineering
  • B.S. in Data Science and Mathematics Engineering
  • B.S. Sustainable Development Engineering
  • B.S. in Innovation and Development Engineering
  • B.S. in Industrial Engineering with minor in Systems Engineering
  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
  • B.S. in Biomedical Engineering
  • B.S. in Mechatronics Engineering
  • B.S. in Nanotechnology Engineering
  • B.S. in Chemical Engineering
  • B.S. in Robotics and Digital Systems Engineering
  • B.S. in Computer Science and Technology
  • B.S. in Business Digital Transformation
  • B.A. in International Business (Global Business)
  • B. Business Administration
  • B.A. in Financial Management
  • B.A. in Finance & Accounting
  • B.A. in Entrepreneurship
  • B.A. in Human Resource Management
  • B.A. in Marketing
  • B.A. in International Business
  • B.S. in Business Intelligence

Eligibility for Study abroad

For the study abroad semester, you must meet the admission requirements for UQ study abroad. Please note that you'll commence at UQ in Semester 2 (July).

Eligibility for Accelerated Master's Program

You must:

  • pass your UQ study abroad courses
  • complete your Tec de Monterrey Bachelor's degree 
  • meet the entry requirements for your master's program (including UQ English Language entry requirements and a suitable grade point average).

Selecting your study abroad courses

You need to select four courses from your chosen UQ master’s program.

  1. Find the master's program you wish to undertake on the Postgraduate Program Plan.
  2. Click on the PDF advice for course selection for the 1.5 year master's program (24 units of study and 8 units of prior study).
  3. Open the PDF and view courses that are denoted under first semester (or where it says “you can use this outline to plan your program if you are commencing in Semester 2”). Not all courses will be offered in both UQ semesters.
  4. If you intend to apply for the Accelerated Master's in Business or Commerce, you'll need to select a Field of study and follow the required plan.

Got questions?

For assistance with your study abroad application, reach out to

For more information on available Accelerated Master's program options and assistance with postgraduate enquiries, contact