UQ Business school staff awards

The awards will be presented at the Business School Staff Awards on Thursday 2 December 2021. The event recognises outstanding achievements and is an opportunity to thank staff for their efforts throughout the year.

Individual and Team award winners will receive a customised plaque.


Eligibility and process:

  • Nominations will be reviewed by the Senior Leadership team.
  • Members of Senior Leadership team will be deemed ineligible for nomination.
  • All employees are eligible to be nominated. This includes professional and academic staff (continuing, fixed-term and casual) employed at UQ.
  • Depending on the quality of the nominations, up to 2 award winners may be selected for each award category. Subject to the quality of the nominations for a category, an award may not be made.
  • No self-nominations for individual or team awards are permitted.

The submission should address the following points for the open categories: 

  • A description of the contribution, initiative, program, project or activity.
  • Key outcomes and achievements of the contribution, initiative, program, project or activity.
  • Level of impact of the contribution, initiative, program, project or activity in terms of size, reach and significance.

As a guide, submissions should be approximately 100 words in length.


Submit a nomination

Individual and team nominations – one winner per category.

Excellence in Innovation 

This award recognises and celebrates individuals and teams that have implemented innovative and effective workplace practices or initiatives, including the development of new systems that improve effectiveness and efficiency.

Excellence in Service 

This award recognises and celebrates individuals and teams that have made an outstanding and significant contribution to delivering excellence in service to students, staff or the wider community.

Excellence in Community, Diversity and Inclusion 

This award recognises and celebrates outstanding effort made by individuals and teams in promoting equity, diversity and inclusion within the School and proactively enhancing a sense of community among staff, students and partners.     

Excellence in Mental and Physical Health, Safety and Wellness 

This award recognises and celebrates the contributions of individuals and teams who have implemented innovative and exciting ideas and practices that contribute to the mental and physical health, safety and wellness of our staff and students.

Excellence in Leadership

This award recognises and celebrates exemplary leadership supporting a positive, performance-based culture and contributing to the achievements of the School. Such leadership may be demonstrated by individuals or teams in any role across the School.

Individual and team nominations – one winner per category.

Award for Innovation in Large Courses

This award recognises the design and successful introduction of innovative approaches to enhance the student learning experience in large course formats. 

Award for Enhancing the First Year Student Experience

This award recognises those who create experiences or activities that attempt to engage and enhance the experience of first year students in the Business School. 

Award for Excellence in Blended Learning

Award for developing high quality and engaging blended learning materials, experiences and opportunities for students, both within UQ and to the broader public.

Award for Excellence in Student Engagement

Award for designing, implementing or supporting programs that aim to enhance student engagement and retention, and contribute to a positive school culture.

Award for Innovation in Assessment Design

This award recognises efforts to design and successfully apply innovative approaches to assessment that is authentic and positively contributes to students learning outcomes and graduate attributes.

Tutor Award for Excellence

This award recognises a School tutor that demonstrates sustained high performance in the design and delivery of tutorials and contributes positively to the School’s teaching and learning objectives. 

Individual and team nominations – one winner per category. 

The submission should address the following points:

  1. individual academic or academics involved
  2. activities and outcomes
  3. industry/government partner(s)/academics collaborators.

Early Career Academic Engagement Award

An ECA who demonstrates engagement with industry/government through at least two of the following engagement activities: 

  • brings in industry/government funds
  • sets up an industry advisory board
  • partners with industry to co-develop an event to showcase research or develop research initiatives
  • develops a collaborative research project
  • has an ongoing collaborative research project.  

Research Engagement Award

For outstanding high-impact collaborative research partnership(s) with industry/government to recognise a successful individual academic or research team, who through industry/government engagement has achieved excellent outcomes. Preference will be given to collaborations that have demonstrated impact for the research partner and more broadly, and where the partnership is/has been enduring.

Early Career Researcher Excellence in Research Award

This award recognises significant research contributions made by a researcher who received her/his PhD within the last five years. The award recipient will have demonstrated outstanding research relative to opportunity.

Research Excellence Award (up to Level D)

For outstanding research activity for a Level A-D T&R academic, based on new research publications (quality and quantity), research grants activity (submitted and successful), research mentoring (PhD, honours and ECR), presentations at research conferences, and research awards/accolades.

Cross-Discipline Research Award

This award recognises high quality research that connects the business discipline with disciplines outside of the Business School. An individual or team who demonstrates engagement with other areas of the university and may also involve industry/government.