SAP Research sponsors UQ Business School alumni

24 Apr 2008

SAP, the world's largest business software company, is supporting the fastest growing graduate network at UQ. SAP Research CEC Brisbane, one of the company's global research centres established in 2001 and employing about 50 staff, is sponsoring UQ Business School Alumni Association's 2008 program of activities.

Karsten Schulz, Vice President SAP Research and an Adjunct Professor with UQ-ITEE, said, "SAP Research has an established relationship with UQ Business School, and we saw a good opportunity to further strengthen that relationship through the School's alumni. "The business model of SAP Research is based on co-innovation through collaborative research - in this instance we are supporting graduates of a high quality research institution - UQ. "Over the last years, SAP Research CEC Brisbane has hosted more than 130 students who undertook internships, completed master theses or worked on Ph.D. dissertation," he said. "Regarding involvement with UQ we for example support UQ Business School PhD candidate Marissa Takahashi's thesis - investigating research impact as a performance measure for corporate R&D using SAP Research as a case study", Schulz said.

Peter Moutsatsos, President of UQ Business School Alumni Association, is delighted with the outcome of the sponsorship agreement. "This sponsorship promises to deliver positive benefits for both the school and SAP Research", Moutsatsos said. He said, "SAP is such a well regarded company in its field around the world, and it is a coup for our members to have their support for the year." "Tobias Raub, a fellow alum and employee of SAP Research in Brisbane, discussed the opportunities and benefits for SAP Research initially with members of our committee." look forward to working closely with SAP Research through the year", he said.

SAP Research contributes to SAP's product portfolio and extends the company's leading position by identifying and shaping emerging IT trends through applied research and corporate venturing. For further information on SAP Research go to