UQ Business School supports social innovation

29 Aug 2008
University of Queensland Business School will work with Youngcare - a charity supporting young people with high care needs - to research social innovation. Youngcare co-founder Nick Bonifant said the scholarship would investigate the changing nature of not-for-profit organisations in Australia. He said, "Not-for-profits are operating in an increasingly competitive sector and their success is dependent on a complex web of public-private-community interactions and relationships. "This research project will examine the structures, systems, people, and strategies that are required for not-for-profits to operate sustainably in a rapidly changing environment. "The results will be a valuable input to Youngcare's strategic planning and will - we hope - be useful to the sector more generally." The research will be conducted by a PhD student who will be supported by a Youngcare scholarship of $25,000 pa for up to four years. In addition, UQ Business School will provide up to $10,000 per year towards research costs. The student is also free to apply for an Australian Postgraduate Award worth approximately $20,000. Bonifant said the scholarships had been made possible by the partnership between Youngcare and Suncorp CTP. He said, "The relationship was formed when Suncorp recognised the synergy between Youngcare's potential residents and their own clients - they understood that it wasn't appropriate for young people to end up in aged care." UQ Business School Head Professor Tim Brailsford said the School was delighted to receive the Youngcare scholarship. He said, "Youngcare's commitment to an evidence-based approach is admirable and we are happy to be a part of the future success of such a worthwhile organisation." Bonifant said Youngcare was established to create residential alternatives for young people with high care needs. He said, "Currently around 6,500 young people are living in aged care facilities where the average age is 86 and the average life expectancy is just three years." "We opened our first Youngcare Apartments in Brisbane in December last year - providing 16 young people with high care needs with a great place to live. "Our next priority is to build an apartment building on the Gold Coast in association with the Adam Scott Foundation." "To find out how you can help, visit www.youngcare.com.au."