Business students heart UQ

22 Sep 2008
A group of business students from UQ Ipswich have collaborated with Young Achievement Australia (YAA) to form a new company and do their bit for charity. Their start up outfit Strictly Aces has created "I HEART UQ" calico bags which are reusable and environmentally friendly, and will help raise money for the Variety Club. Managing Director Anthony Bull said the product was aimed at UQ students, staff and alumni who want to show their pride for the University. "The product is designed for people who see UQ as an integral part of their life and are proud to express that," Mr Bull said. He said juggling the responsibility of running a fledgling business with his studies had helped him grow as a person and develop his skills at the same time. "The product is great, our team is great, and we are gaining priceless hands-on experience which most students don't get until after graduating," he said. Strictly Aces team members have also agreed to forego commissions and donate their 10 percent cut of each purchase to the Variety Club. "As university students we feel it's important to lead by example and help our community in any way we can," Strictly Aces Secretary Katy McMillan said. "The Variety Club helps disadvantaged children have a chance at a happy and fulfilling life, and it was an easy decision for us to partner with them." The "I HEART UQ" bags are on sale for $5 at St Lucia campus market day on Wednesday September 24 and will be launched across UQ campuses. They will also be available at the UQ St Lucia and Ipswich bookshops.