Optimal decision-making at touch of a button

30 Oct 2008
Queensland manufacturers can now cut costs and save time using optimisation software by local start-up business, OptimAITech Pty Ltd. The only one of its kind in Brisbane, the Artificial Intelligence technology provides tailored recommendations based on customer specific information. This allows manufacturers to make timely and optimal decisions on the fly. "OptimAITech Scheduling Optimiser is different to what is offered by larger companies like IBM or SAP because it doesn't only produce graphs and statistics to support decision-making, but actually analyses data and provides real-time recommendations at a press of a button," said Dr. Martin Schmidt, founder and CEO of OptimAITech. "That way, manufacturers do not have to rely on a single decision-maker, who is often the only person in the company with the information and expertise," he said. "We also continually refine the recommendations provided by our software by working alongside companies to regularly update and tailor our software to their specific needs," added the entrepreneur, who is undertaking a course in Commercialisation in Practice, as part of his MBA study at the University of Queensland Business School. Dr Schmidt noted that the ability to customize the technology means that it can also easily be implemented in a range of industries outside of manufacturing.