Research no longer restricted to higher degrees

10 Oct 2008
Business students doing their first degree can now experience the thrill of adding to the world's stock of knowledge with UQ's new Summer Research Scholarships. Once restricted to Honours, Masters, and PhD programs, research opportunities are now available to students in the Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Business Management, and Bachelor of Commerce. Director of Research Professor Phil Gray said scholarship winners would work on an existing research project alongside UQ Business School experts - or design their own research program with the support of an experienced researcher - and would be eligible for academic credit towards their degree. He said, "They will also receive an allowance of $300 per week (for a maximum of 10 weeks) and funding to offset travel and accommodation costs if living outside Brisbane." Gray said the scholarships would give students an up-close view of the research process. He said, "While students have often done a little research in some of their courses, this is the first time they've been able to get involved in more substantial projects - and with financial support." "We know that most students are working part-time and many rely on working more hours over the summer to make ends meet." "The scholarships make it possible for students to choose a potentially life-changing research experience and still get paid - and get academic credit." "I'm sure that many students who participate in this kind of research will find themselves hooked for life!" For more information at the Summer Research Scholarships, please email