Girls have what IT takes

30 Mar 2009
UQ Business School information systems expert Dr Sophie Cockcroft will share her research with middle-school girls at the Technology Takes You Anywhere conference on Monday 6th April. Dr Cockcroft said her research investigated how different cultures constructed and used information systems. "I worked in Hong Kong after finishing my IT degree and had the opportunity to investigate the systems being installed the new (at that time) Hong Kong airport," she said. "After studying in the UK, working in Hong Kong, and then doing my PhD in New Zealand, I was interested in learning more about the significant variations I could see across those three very different cultures." "I've been researching in this area ever since." "I think it's interesting that cultural differences are far more significant than, for example, gender differences in terms of how people relate to these technologies." Dr Cockcroft said her presentation would take participants on a trans-global tour looking at how culture impacts on the use of information technology. "My research has taken me to the UK, France, Spain, Sweden, and in the US to New York, Omaha, and Hawaii," she said. "I absolutely agree that technology can take you anywhere." Technology Takes You Anywhere is an event for girls in Grades 4-9 organised by a group of teachers and volunteers from the ICT industry and is supported by university academics and industry. The event is held annually at Brisbane North Institute of TAFE, Ithaca Campus. To find out more visit the Education Queensland website at