Driving a wave of innovation

5 Oct 2009
Thinking inside the box could have its rewards when University of Queensland Engineering graduate David Finn competes for $100,000 in the UQBS ENTERPRIZE competition. UQ graduate and CEO of Tritium, Dr David Finn, will lead a team of expert engineers into the final round of Enterprize which could see the team walk away with $100,000. Enterprize is in its ninth year and amongst the most competitive business model competitions in Australia. Enterprize offers an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to experience first-hand the rigorous competition of business, designed to grow business concepts into professional models. Amongst the seven teams vying for the prize money, Tritium - a power electronics and manufacturing company - are confident that their WaveSculptor 200 platform is the future of electric vehicle technology. "We've been watching this space for a long time and there were a few false starts in the industry, but the market is finally emerging right now and we're ready to go" Dr Finn said. The WaveSculptor 200 (WS200), an inverter device designed specifically for the hybrid and electric car market, transforms and regulates electrical power as it flows between the battery and motor. The electric drivetrain technology boasts 150 kilowatt power, higher density, compact design and flexibility to suit the needs of different vehicles and users. The WS200 supports high performance vehicles up to small vans and sports cars and is already being tested on the road. Tritium will have a four-door sedan with WS200 technology set to race in this month's Global Green Challenge alongside other high-efficiency and alternative fuel powered vehicles. "We'll be racing from Darwin to Adelaide with the WaveSculptor 200 under the bonnet and we have high expectations for its performance" Dr Finn said. Born out of a product originally designed for solar powered cars, the WaveSculptor 200 is a big step forward in electric vehicle powertrain technology. With previous products now driving solar powered electric vehicles in 13 countries worldwide, Tritium have established a product reputation for quality and reliability on the road. The team, including Dr David Finn, James Kennedy, Dr Paul Sernia, Calem Walsh and Dr Monte MacDiarmid are thrilled to be finalists and are confident their time has come. "It's a great product and the market is ready, timing is everything in this industry."