UQ Business School students join the fight against youth suicide

22 Oct 2009
UQBS students Ron Belle Isle and Mike Boyd are fundraising for the Inspire Foundation and fighting youth suicide while they put their learning into action. The Inspire Foundation is a national non-profit organisation formed in 1996 in response to Australia's then escalating rates of youth suicide. The UQ Business School student team consists of Ron Belle Isle (Mount Gravatt East), Mike Boyd (Ashgrove), Hamish Tims (Chapel Hill), Sarah Kruussen (Oxley), Chloe Johnstone, Isabelle Pury, Andrew McKinnon, and Jason Lee (all St Lucia), Dong Chang (Eight Mile Plains), and Leisha Cowley (Sanctuary Cove). Mr Belle Isle said the team chose to work with Inspire because everyone in the team was able to relate personally to the Foundation's mission. He said, "Knowing about Inspire's programs would have been priceless during a very difficult period in my life." "I want others to be aware of where they can go for much-needed assistance." The team has organised a fundraising event - Havin' a Laugh - at the Sit Down Comedy Club on Friday 30 October featuring well-known comedians Hannah Gadsby and Michael Chamberlin. Mr Belle Isle said the Sit Down Comedy Club would donate $15 per ticket to the Inspire Foundation. "Audience members will still only pay the regular ticket price of $27.50," he said. "Havin' a Laugh is on the last day of classes and is the ideal way for both staff and students to relax and unwind while contributing to this important cause." "Our aim to raise enough to cover the $11.50 per person cost of Inspire's programs for 500 individuals." "We are aiming to raise a minimum of $5750 but hope to raise much more," he said. The Business Management students are enrolled in Social Entrepreneurship, a course designed to give students a taste of the unique challenges associated with working in the non-profit sector. Lecturer Dr Lance Newey said he introduced the project as a way to give students the experience of setting up a non-profit project and managing it in real time. He said, "It's about taking the learning out of the classroom and into the community." If you are interested in attending the event, please phone Ron Belle Isle on 0432 737 033 to book.