Business leaders turning to UQ innovation blog

21 Apr 2010
Thousands of international business executives are turning to University of Queensland Business School experts, Dr Tim Kastelle and Dr John Steen, for their practical innovation ideas. Each month, more than 14,000 executives from over 100 countries are logging on to the Innovation Leadership Network blog to read and discuss the pair's comments on innovation. Launched only 12 months ago, the blog has attracted a global audience of managers actively involved in organisational innovation. With topics ranging from 'Why Your Great Idea Will Fail' to 'Designing Espresso Innovation' and 'Building an Entrepreneurial Network', the blog has fuelled ongoing discussion and debate about effectively managing the innovation process. Dr Kastelle, who writes posts daily with weekly contributions from Dr Steen, said he and his colleague initially started the blog when they found they were generating more ideas then they could use in their research. "The blog was developed as a way to capture and work through ideas, while also passing on our ideas to the public," said Dr Kastelle. "We've been astounded at the global interest in the blog and honestly it's hard to comprehend that thousands of people are reading it each week," he said. "There's obviously a demand for practical ideas from academics." The discussions on the blog are informed by four core ideas: innovation should be managed as a process; networks are an effective tool for managing the innovation process; great ideas only become valuable when they are executed; and the business model is the tool used to link innovation with organisational strategy. Subscribe for future posts as well as read through the archives at the Innovation Leadership Network blog: