UQ Business School graduate comes to the rescue of mobile phone users

8 Jun 2010
UQ Business School graduate Stephen Dash has put his investment banking career on hold to help launch a new business allowing mobile phone users to recharge their phone batteries when they're out and about. Mr Dash said Quickcharge Media supplied rapid battery charge kiosks for mobile phone users. He said, "Patented technology allows users of the "Quickcharge Kiosk" to charge their battery twice as fast as a regular charger, so in ten minutes you can be back in touch with the world if your phone dies when you are away from the office or home." "And the chargers work for ninety per cent of mobile devices, including Blackberry and iPhone." Mr Dash said Quickcharge Media was deploying mobile phone battery-charge kiosks 'in all the obvious places around Australia such as shopping centres, universities, airports, and pubs' as well as at major events where users could charge their phones for 10 minutes for only $2. He said, "The first Quickcharge Kiosks were launched at this year's Red Bull Air Race in Perth, an event which attracted more than 200,000 people." "With the customer in mind, we've incorporated digital signage and an interactive component in each kiosk. Our kiosks are connected to the BlueZones network of mobile hotspots so people waiting for a phone charge can interact with location-based services," "This means they can download all sorts of interesting free information and promotions including redeemable vouchers." Mobile phone users can see the Quickcharge Kiosks in action at the Avalon Airport in Melbourne and the University of Technology in Sydney. Over the coming months, Quickcharge Kiosks will be popping up all over Australia. To find out more about Quickcharge Media go to www.quickchargemedia.com.au.