Kerry's in the business of caring and sharing

13 Aug 2010
It might seem like a jump for a community care worker to want a link with the world of big business, but one Kerry Ring has just made. The Nundah 50-year-old is a respite co-ordinator for community care services with a qualification in communications. Now Ms Ring has started Master of Business Administration (MBA) studies at The University of Queensland's Business School. "I manage a substantial budget and I manage staff. I do a lot of recruiting, workplace health and safety and leadership in the team," she said. "I wanted to build on that. The key aspects of the MBA grabbed me. It was an opportunity for me to get ahead." Ms Ring returned to employment and studies after raising a family. While she enjoyed her community care role, Ms Ring said she found it important to look beyond her daily tasks at how big business operated. "What I do is still quite micro compared to big business. The job I do is not in big business such as mining or engineering, but I still incorporate what I learn at UQ into my work. "I like having a better understanding. I am not getting the big picture in my day-to-day work. I like seeing the big picture. It gives me confidence." As part of the MBA's leadership enhancement program, Ms Ring has heard about leadership in sports from Queensland Reds captain James Horwill and saw hierarchy in action during a Queensland Orchestra rehearsal. There has also been an address from AEG Ogden director Rod Pilbeam about venue operations during a tour of Suncorp Stadium. "We are getting to see what happens in management, looking behind the scenes and talking to staff. We see how it all connects," Ms Ring said. "It takes you out of your micro-vision and into industry. It is nice to link community care to business. "I work in the disability sector, which is often a forgotten group. The greater public and business sectors don't know necessarily how to connect with this group. Hopefully working together we can change that." Ms Ring is in her second year of studies and expects to finish mid next year.