Doidge to share his wisdom at UQBS CEO Summit

3 Sep 2010
Author of the New York Times bestseller, The Brain that Changes Itself, Norman Doidge MD will share his wisdom with some of Brisbane's leading business minds at The University of Queensland Business School CEO Summit on Friday, September 3. Doidge — a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, researcher, essayist and poet — will provide an update on the latest learnings about neuroplasticity, the discovery that the brain is not fixed and unchanging. He is one of seven inspiring speakers at the summit, which will explore what business can learn from the arts and how best to apply creative practice to develop leadership skills, manage staff and improve the client experience. CEO of the Australia Business Arts Foundation (AbaF) Jane Haley, one of UQ Business School's partners in the summit, said the arts had many qualities that were valuable in a business context. "Working in the arts, you need to think laterally and find innovative solutions to problems, you need to engage with people across a range of cultures and in diverse contexts, to apply critical thinking and to make the most of available resources," Ms Haley said. Ms Haley, who is also speaking at the summit, said many partnerships between arts and business were thriving in Australia, even surviving the GFC in a comparatively strong position. "Businesses want real partnerships that will help them engage their employees, will connect them with the community, and give their brand a boost," say said. "The good thing for the arts is that they can offer all these things to business and gain financial resources in return." Ms Haley said one example of this success was the partnership between Bangarra Dance Theatre and Boral. "You might not expect a construction materials company to have much in common with an Indigenous dance company, but this partnership is amazingly effective," she said. "Boral funds tours by Bangarra around Australia to places where Boral has employees. The staff and their families gain the opportunity to experience Bangarra's work, and Bangarra gains resources, which it uses to develop new repertoire." The UQ Business School's (UQBS) CEO Summit will be held at Central Plaza One, 345 Queen Street, Brisbane from 10am to 4pm on Friday, September 3. To RSVP, visit or phone 3346 8139 Other speakers include: Executive Director of His Majesty's Theatre Foundation Patria Jafferies; UQBS Director of Technology & Innovation Management Centre Professor Mark Dodgson; Fairweather Creative Culture's Paul Fairweather; Brisbane Airport Corporation CEO Julieanne Alroe; and Rowland Communication's managing director Helen Besly. The summit is sponsored by The CEO Institute and supported by the Australia Business Arts Foundation and Women in Technology (WIT). Media inquiries: Cathy Stacey — UQBS on 3346 8068 or 0434 074 372.