UQ Business School and UNWTO launch new tourism publication

20 Apr 2015
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Tourism experts from UQ Business School have partnered with the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) to launch the research publication – Responding to Climate Change: Tourism Initiatives in Asia and the Pacific.

This new publication, which has been edited by Senior Lecturer in Tourism Dr Lisa Ruhanen, draws on knowledge from some of Asia Pacific’s leading academics and researchers in the field of climate change and tourism.

It explores the growth in international travel through the Asia Pacific region, and how this increase in tourism impacts our climate.

Dr Ruhanen said that the publication was made possible because of the UNWTO’s long-standing relationship with UQ Business School.

“This publication represents the latest outcome from a successful collaborative relationship. Responding to Climate Change will be distributed, not only to UNWTO Member States, but globally to governments, businesses, and tourist destinations in order to highlight best practice cases from the Asia Pacific region,” she added.

The UNWTO has confirmed that over one billion travellers are now crossing international borders every year. In fact, in 2013, international tourist arrivals reached a record number of 1,087 million, with the highest growth rates occurring in Asia and the Pacific. At the same time, planet earth is warming unequivocally.

This leaves the global tourism sector, with its reliance on the world’s natural and climatic resources and dependence on the transport industry, facing an uncertain and challenging future.

To access a copy of this publication, please click here.