UQ and edX launch Business Leadership MicroMasters

30 Aug 2017

The University of Queensland today announced a MicroMasters program in Business Leadership to bridge the knowledge gap between higher education and the workplace.

The Business Leadership MicroMasters program is designed to prepare both emerging and experienced managers for facing the modern complexities and challenges facing leadership today in an interactive and flexible online format.

Program coordinator Associate Professor Tyler Okimoto says: “this innovative format gives us the ability to take students directly from the classroom into a CEO’s office, and then back again.”

“They can engage in a focused discussion with thousands of other students from every country in the world.  These diverse sources of learning serve as a point of student reflection for developing their own personal leadership journey,” he said.

The course comprises four key learning areas, along with a capstone assessment, with each course integrating current academic theories with the wisdom of experienced leaders, providing a learning experience that can’t be accomplished in the classroom alone.

“Effective leadership requires an ability to lead teams, direct the vision of the organisation, navigate broader social and economic influences on the business, and perhaps most importantly, engage in constructive self-reflection.  By focusing each of the four courses on one of these key competencies, we aim to help develop well-rounded future leaders,” he said.

MicroMasters programs are an important modular and flexible credential for the digital age, and promise to serve as academic currency in a continuous, lifelong-learning world.

The program also supports an inverted admissions process, allowing learners everywhere to try Master’s level course work from The University of Queensland before committing significant time and money toward applying for and enrolling in a Master’s degree.

The University of Queensland joins edX and top global university partners in expanding the initiative, offering learners everywhere access to high-quality, career-focused education.

“We are honoured to work with The University of Queensland to launch a MicroMasters program in Business Leadership. This offering marks an exciting step toward furthering our shared mission to expand access to high-quality education,” said Anant Agarwal, CEO at edX and professor at MIT.

“The MicroMasters programs on edX empower learners everywhere to improve their lives and advance their careers. Signalling the next level of innovation in learning, MicroMasters programs are designed to meet the needs of both universities and employers, by providing learners with the in-demand knowledge and skills needed for success in today’s rapidly-evolving and tech-driven world,” he said.