Will travellers trash or treasure the planet after the pandemic?

17 September 2020

UQ Business School’s Dr Ya-Yen Sun says small countries that rely heavily on tourism will be the worst hit by the coronavirus pandemic. But while the tourism industry gets slammed, the environment is getting a break.

In normally polluted cities such as Los Angeles, skies were clearer. So was the water - people could see marine life in Venice's normally turgid, busy canals.

There seemed to be a cause and effect at work. And it raised a lot of questions.

Did the sudden drop in global travel really have an unexpected benefit for the environment?

Are there ways to keep the perceived benefits going if or when the virus is under control?

And perhaps most importantly, can we return to roaming the world one day but be better stewards of our planet while doing so?

Dr Sun discusses with CNN some of the impacts on tourism and the environment.

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