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Everything you need to know about the UQ MBA

Find out more from our articles and stories

Discover everything you need to know, from how long it takes, what it's really like to study the UQ MBA and be inspired by the career outcomes of alumni that make it all worthwhile. 

MBA students and alumni success stories 

Learn how previous UQ Master of Business Administration (MBA) students and alumni gained the business leadership skills, knowledge and mindset to succeed. Discover their stories to inspire your own. 


There's so much to consider when thinking about where you'll study your MBA

How long does it take to do an MBA? how much does it cost and are there scholarships available? Is it possible to balance study with my family and career? Feel confident in your decision to apply by learning more. 

  • So, you’ve decided to start your Master of Business Administration (MBA) journey. This is a big step, and one that will reward you immensely.
  • If you’re considering whether you should enrol in a Master of Business Administration (MBA), one of the main questions you’re likely to have is whether you’ll see a return on your investment and if it will actually help you achieve your career goals.
  • A Master of Business Administration (MBA) has long been considered an entry point into senior management, finance and consulting roles, but it may come as a surprise that it can also help you respond to global challenges and build a career far beyond working for traditional firms.
  • Deciding to study your Master of Business Administration (MBA) online or in-person can be a tough decision. There are multiple factors to consider, including flexibility, cost and the quality of the program. While many MBA programs are transitioning to online delivery formats, there are still three clear benefits of studying your MBA with a face-to-face element.
  • There is a real sense of urgency towards technological adoption at the moment, but how does a leader deploy new systems without staff fearing for their jobs?
  • The future came knocking faster than anyone could have imagined with the outbreak of COVID-19, thrusting many businesses headfirst into completely digital models. But as technology transforms businesses, the secret to thriving in uncertain times might just lie in developing our "human skills", like our leadership capability, according to Dr Nicole Hartley.


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