Researcher biography

Innovation is the difference between good and great, between break even and profit, between Nokia and Apple. I have spent more than 20 but less than 30 years researching problems, developing solutions and executing innovation and commercialisation strategies to transform ideas into sustainable competitive advantage. The world doesn't need more ideas, it needs better execution of ideas that solve real problems thus creating value. That is what I teach and research.

I've founded four startups commercialising world first innovations, like the world's most scientifically advanced probiotic drink, a world-first biological herbicide and drought-proof, brightly-coloured flowering plants. I've developed and/or commercialised new drug formulations, health supplements and turf, cereal and fruit varieties and am an inventor on two patents. I've raised millions of dollars from Angels, VC's and government to commercialise innovations for impact.

My USPs are entrepreneurship, business development, capital raising, public speaking and strategy.