Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation 

Applications closing 30 June 2023

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Top reasons to study a Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at UQ


Develop practical, in-demand skills

Develop practical, in-demand skills

Gain hands-on experience applying the latest innovative thinking, learn to test new ideas, hone your creative problem-solving skills, and drive business growth in any organisation or industry.

Globally recognised + connected expertise

Globally recognised + connected expertise

Ranked #1 in Queensland for business and management, The University of Queensland is also one of the top 50* world universities. *(2021 QS World University Rankings).

World-changing content, inspiring teachers

World-changing content, inspiring teachers

Be inspired by leading innovation experts who will challenge you to address emerging global challenges.

A safe pace to test ideas, get support and grow your network

A safe place to test ideas, get support and grow your network

Access a global network of passionate mentors, innovation hubs and accelerator programs including via UQ Ventures.

Why entrepreneurship and innovation at UQ?

Whether you want to launch your own start-up, tackle a social problem or drive innovation in an existing company, UQ can help you create change. Nurture your ideas into reality with our Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation plus co-curricular opportunities such as Idea Hub and iLab.

Program specialisations

The Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation will take you 1.5 years to complete (or part time equivalent) and will support you to develop original thinking skills. You can choose to create a bespoke program or specialise in one fo these five fields of study:

Customise your program 

You can create a bespoke program, choosing specific courses from the different specialisations to create a bespoke program that suits your specific personal and professional goals and interests. 


Courses in this emerging technological field explore important characteristics of new technologies, the management of innovation and commercialisation, and the establishment of new ventures in biotechnology industries.

Design and Information Technology

This field caters for students seeking knowledge and practical experience in understanding how humans interact with electronic devices and other new technologies.

Food Entrepreneurship

These courses leverage UQ’s global leadership positions in food and agriculture and lean startup methodology to create skilled food entrepreneurs and innovators.

Social and Community Entrepreneurship

This field is for students seeking to lead social change in a 21st-century context with skills focused on social entrepreneurship and community development.

Sustainable Energy

This area of study is suited to students seeking knowledge and application of innovative solutions to the challenges facing organisations and society in relation to energy.

Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation webinar recording

View the recent info session with UQ Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation program leader, Dr Frederik Von Briel, as he answers all your questions about the program. 


What you'll learn 

The Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation elicits thought-provoking discussion and provides you with an understanding of cutting-edge innovation strategies and tools. During your studies, you’ll develop the entrepreneurial mindset needed to identify and seize opportunities in a rapidly changing world.

  • Network with industry guest lecturers who have started their own ventures or are driving innovation in established companies.
  • Join an alumni network of successful entrepreneurs and business people using innovation to achieve strategic and sustainable goals.
  • Discover a supportive, diverse community of passionate academic and industry teachers with entrepreneurial mindsets.
  • Learn to test new ideas, hone your creative problem-solving skills, and drive business growth in any organisation or industry.

Here is a snapshot of the courses you could undertake in this program: 

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Depending on your previous qualifications and current goals, you could also consider the Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. It provides access to all the Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation courses but requires less time commitment. You can switch to the Master’s program at any time.

What do our students say?

"The Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation is a great mix between theory and practices. In a world like the one where we live, theory isn´t enough, so having the chance to apply what I was learning while studying in different ways (personal projects, work and class assignments) was unique." - Andres Abogabir


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