The University’s marketing focused academics and researchers are translating knowledge into practical application in the areas of advertising and branding, quantitative marketing and service research.

Advertising and Branding

Research in advertising and branding is concerned with marketing and media strategy, consumer responses to advertising, and the design of the regulatory policy. Key areas of expertise are brand equity, sponsorship, celebrity endorsement, influencer marketing, new product development, message strategy, social media engagement, and online consumer behaviour.

Quantitative Marketing and Marketing Analytics

Quantitative marketing is concerned with the application of mathematical/statistical models to the study of marketing, including consumer decision-making and choice. Key areas of expertise include structural equation modelling and structural choice modelling.

Service Research

Service research is a broad area of enquiry concerned with service providers across the economy. Key areas of expertise are customer choice preferences and decision-making, customer experience, customer-service provider interaction (including digital, AI and social robots), service innovation and technologies enabling digital service.

Societal Marketing, Nonprofits and Fundraising

Marketing can be used to support community organisations and promote positive behaviour change. Key areas of expertise are nonprofit marketing and branding, social innovation, marketing for social change, sustainability, donor psychology, trust, and effective fundraising.

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