Information systems researchers are making a sustained and influential contribution to the management, modelling, governance, integration, analysis and use of very large quantities of diverse and complex data in an interconnected world.

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UQ researchers collaborate with global industry leaders in the IT sector, renowned thought leaders, and a range of user organisations and communities. These collaborations span application areas such as intelligent transportation and logistics, water resource management, environmental studies, social computing, healthcare, compliance and risk management, IT governance, and business process management.

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Business Information Systems Discipline academics

Information System Design, Adoption and Use

This area of research encompasses systems analysis and design approaches (including conceptual modelling), development methods (including agile), as well as studies of technology/system adoption in organisations, critical success factors, and factors and consequences relating to continued use of systems and technology.

IT Business Value

This area of research focuses on studying and increasing business value from the application of technology. It includes business process design, analysis and improvement, IT governance, social media, and impacts of various IT investments on business performance, to name a few.

Managing Data, Information and Knowledge

This area of research focuses on supporting business decision making through data - i.e. data-driven decisions. The research focuses on data analytics, including social media data, knowledge management and data/information quality.

Accounting Information Systems

This area of research focuses on the role of information systems in accounting. Specifically it includes the use and impact of XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language), changing roles and practices of Information Systems audit, and use of distributed ledger technologies (blockchain) for audit and accounting.

Managing Information Technology

This area of research focusses on the appropriate management of technology in business. It includes cybersecurity, IT governance, business-IT alignment, and IT strategy/sourcing.