Our researchers are tackling a wide range of topics facing businesses in Australia and globally, with expertise spanning start-up and entrepreneurial firms, the challenges facing larger organisations around their strategy, efforts at building high performance work cultures, staying innovative, and competing successfully as international businesses.

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Strategy and Entrepreneurship Discipline academics

Innovation and Firm Growth

This research area focuses on the level of the project and related outcomes. It examines the value-adding nature of collaboration among individuals, units, and subunits within the same firm as well as collaboration efforts among individuals and units between partnering firms.

Sustainability Strategy

The pressure for companies to adapt to altered conditions in terms of resource constraints, emission pricing and social demands are a defining feature of many sectors within the economy offering businesses unique opportunities for competitive advantage where they are advantageously managed.

The sustainability area focuses on three core areas of sustainability: social entrepreneurship, environmental management (climate change and natural resources) and strategic sustainability (success through corporate sustainability).  Researchers within the social entrepreneurship areas seek to break new ground in terms of how communities can be built for sustainable wellbeing as well as how to manage sustainable and scalable social enterprises. Researchers on the environmental aspects concentrate on the use and valuation of natural resources as well as adaptation and organisational resilience to the effects of climate change.  Strategic sustainability researchers focus on achieving financial success through corporate sustainability. 

Adaption, Resilience and Change

  • Organisations and the Natural Environment
  • Sustainable Urban Development and Management
  • Institutional Theory and Change
  • This area focuses on the creation, maintenance and adaptation of institutions in society, including the areas of institutional logics, institutional entrepreneurship and institutional work.
  • Organisation Resilience
  • This research area specialises in understanding how organizations deal with and learn from adversity. The research area looks at the phenomenon of resilience from a number of units of analysis including the natural environment, economic system, the firm, the team and the individual. A key focus is a theory-building agenda which seeks to develop a rigorous foundation for organization resilience research.