UQ Business School completes emissions audit for Customs House

22 Apr 2009
UQ Business School's Sustainable Business Unit was recently commissioned to conduct a greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions audit for The University of Queensland's Customs House. Sustainable Business Unit project manager Alexander Stathakis said the audit estimated emissions at 944.9t CO2-e resulting from Customs House's activities for 2008. "By undertaking the audit, Customs House has demonstrated a proactive approach to sustainability and addressing climate change," he said. "Having recognised the importance of conducting an inventory of its GHG emissions, Customs House is now well-equipped to measure and manage GHG emissions and their associated impacts on the environment." Mr Stathakis said the Sustainable Business Unit would support Customs House in developing a GHG management strategy for defining and achieving GHG emission reductions. "Emissions avoidance and reduction opportunities should be the priority of any GHG management strategy to fully realise the economic benefits," he said. "Onsite measures are the most cost effective way to achieve emissions reductions." "Carbon management and reduction efforts are not as simple as just investing in the plantation of trees to offset emissions," he said. Mr Stathakis said that offsetting was a supplemental emission management approach that should only be considered for residual emissions that could not be avoided or reduced. "By providing relevant information on its GHG performance, Customs House supports The University of Queensland's efforts, run by its Properties and Facilities Division, to reduce GHG emissions and minimise their adverse impacts on the environment." UQ Business School's Sustainable Business Unit consults to a wide range of organisations providing services from carbon audits to strategic planning and change management. The Unit is led by Professor Andrew Griffiths, Chair in Business Sustainability and Strategy at UQ Business School. For more information about the Sustainable Business Unit and its services, contact Alexander Stathakis on + 61 7 3346 8175 or email a.stathakis@business.uq.edu.au.