Queensland - Emerging Stronger

30 Apr 2009
Chris Rodwell, Queensland Director of the Australian Industry Group, will talk tonight on how Queensland is measuring against the rest of Australia in the current financial crisis. UQ Business School Alumni Association is hosting this event for alumni and staff of the School at its Downtown campus, in the heart of Brisbane's CBD. Peter Moutsatsos, President of the Alumni Association, is pleased by the members' response to the event. "Chris Rodwell's talk has been extremely well received by our members. We have a capacity crowd attending", Peter said. "Because of its popularity, we will be streaming the event live via the internet so our members who unfortunately missed out on securing a seat at the event will still benefit from Chris' insights in his influential position as Queensland director of the Ai Group. "We have UQ Business School alumni online communities on LinkedIn, Xing, and Facebook, and they have been informed of the live streaming of the event tonight", Peter said. "We are hoping to film the presentation as well, so that our members who receive news from us in our monthly e-newsletter, Alumni Update, will be able to access the content as a vodcast." "We trialled the live streaming technology for the first time with Honorary Professor Allan Kleidon, when he forecast the extent of the Global Financial Crisis to our members in August last year. "It is our intention to build our online offerings so that more of our members benefit from being a part of our alumni community", Peter said. Chris Rodwell is the Queensland Director at the Australian Industry Group (Ai Group) and holds primary carriage for representing Australian industry to the Queensland Government and broader Queensland community. Chris is a board member of QMI Solutions, Queensland Workplace Health & Safety and Q-COMP. Chris also represents Australian industry as the Chair of the Industry Capability Network Advisory Committee, and a member of both the Skills Tech Australia Council and the Manufacturing Leaders Group. Peter Moutsatsos is undertaking his third year as President of the UQ Business School Alumni Association. Graduating with a UQ Business School MBA in 2008, and awarded the prestigious "Top MBA Award", Peter works as a management consultant with SMS Management & Technology.