Managing supply networks

1 May 2009
UQ Business School will present a one-day supply network management summit on Thursday 4 June to debate issues confronting senior executives managing domestic and international supply networks. Presented in association with Maersk Logistics, KPMG, and the Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA), participants in the summit will learn how to align their business models to achieve optimum performance and how to prepare for the future in an environment characterised by uncertainty. Summit coordinator, UQ Business School's David Parker said the event would also consider how organisations develop lean, agile systems. "There's no doubt these are challenging times but some companies will prosper while others struggle," he said. "The aim of the summit is to identify the organisational structures, capacities, systems, and processes that will help organisations thrive." Dr Parker said the program featured outstanding supply chain experts including Dr Mark Cox (Maersk Australia), James Hunter and Jason King (KPMG), and Professor Andrew Griffiths (UQ Business School). To find out more phone (07) 3346 7105/7115.