UQ MBA graduate passes on leadership lessons

11 May 2009
UQ Business School graduate Andrew Sisley - a professional manager at 19 - learnt the importance of leadership from his MBA and work experience and resolved to share his insights. Combining his on-the-job learning and some of the principles he absorbed while studying for his MBA, Mr Sisley will this week launch his online leadership training programme Leader3. Mr Sisley said the programme was designed to give managers and aspiring managers an opportunity to enhance their communication and leadership skills. "I believe the fundamental activities that support effective leadership are developed communication skills and the ability to manage three significant areas - yourself, your manager, and others," he said. "Leader3 focuses on improving your professional credibility, managing the relationship you have with your manager, and combining your leadership and communication skills to effectively manage others." Mr Sisley said the Leader3 programme addressed tactical leadership skills. "I don't pretend to deliver strategic leadership skills development - for that you need a quality MBA - but my experience has shown me that you can significantly improve your personal management style and enhance your leadership effectiveness by taking on board the key content," he said. "Because it's online, we've been able to present the content using scenario comic strips, example scenarios, diagrams, and reflection exercises as well as highlighting the big ideas and providing interesting and relevant sideline notes." "The result is an engaging, individualised learning experience that will deliver visible results to individuals and organisations alike." "Because Leader3 is online, participants can study anywhere, anytime." To find out more about Leader3 go to http://www.leader3training.com.