Global CIO shares his expertise with UQ Business School students

2 Jun 2009
Last week Group CIO (Ausenco) Paul Young stepped back into the classroom to deliver a presentation to Master of Commerce students majoring in Information Systems. Sharing the insights gained over 18 years in the IT industry, Mr Young addressed the strategic implications of enterprise architecture decisions on information systems. "Without the appropriate IT systems, data analysis is compromised and can lead to poor strategic decision-making," he said. He said an enterprise architecture was required for organisations and that such an architecture would assist in the selection of appropriate systems as the organisation scales and grows. "The right information architecture can be the difference between success and failure." Course coordinator Dr Sabine Matook said the students benefited enormously from guest speakers like Mr Young. "Paul's current role and his previous position with dotcom success-story and others over his 18-year career give the students a sense of what they can aspire to when they graduate with an information systems qualification," she said. "Sometimes the inspiration value of guest speakers is just as useful as the content they deliver in the classroom." The Ausenco Group combines the expertise, experience, and resource capabilities of 2,900 people across five business units to deliver innovative solutions to the minerals, infrastructure, energy, oil and gas, consulting, and environmental sectors across the full project lifecycle, from front-end solutions, through innovative engineering and EPCM delivery, to operational support.