Business School alumni to benefit from LODE alliance

8 Jul 2009
UQ Business School alumni stand to benefit twice from a strategic alliance between UQ Business School and Lode - Australia's first national database of university talent. Using an online platform, alumni can tap the wealth of talent from UQ Business School or market their own talents to prospective employers. Source UQBS talent at Lode Use Lode to source university talent from UQ Business School. The process is simple: Register as an employer with Lode Search the Lode database to shortlist suitably qualified UQBS talent Request contact details for the candidates you would like to interview Contact candidates directly to arrange a meeting (once they have agreed to release their details) Lode offers employers a powerful search interface and allows you to review full candidate profiles that include rich data about qualifications, experience and career aspirations. Access UQBS interns for free Alumni can use Lode for free to access current UQBS students for internship opportunities. It is part of our ongoing commitment to providing students with an opportunity to apply their knowledge in a practical way. Simply register as an employer to begin your search. Market your talents through Lode Lode is a career management tool that provides opportunities for UQ Business School alumni to expose your talents to national and international employers, to market your skills and experience directly to prospective employers in one location, at no cost. In the Lode business model, employers search the database for free and only pay to receive contact details for the candidates they are interested in. Candidates have the right to withhold their contact details if they are not interested in a particular opportunity. So your anonymity is assured and the power of choice is in your hands. Registering with Lode is quick and easy. Simply visit, sign up and complete an online interview. Once you've completed your profile, employers will be able to contact you with job opportunities. ABOUT LODE Lode is an Australian initiative that uses the latest in Web 2.0technology to make direct connections between employers and the nation's incredible pool of university-trained talent. Launched nationally in 2009, Lode is a privately funded initiative of tuscon pty ltd, an Australian business focused on promoting the potential of Australia's 38 universities. UQ was a foundation partner of Lode and thousands of UQ students have subsequently registered.