UQ Business School fosters engagement with industry practitioners

22 Jul 2009
On Wednesday 22 July, UQ Business School will host the Regional Council, CEO, national President of The Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia (ICAA) for their council meeting. Following the meeting, there will be an event aiming to foster and strengthen links between academics and accounting practitioners generally through the ICAA The event, held at The University of Queensland's St Lucia Campus, will bring together over thirty academics from accounting and accounting-related fields with senior representatives and practitioners from the ICAA. Professor Green said that such events play an important role in helping academics keep in touch with major practice developments. "These engagements provide great opportunities for academics working in the accounting field to keep close to practice, raise concerns and apprise practitioners of the latest UQBS research developments," he said. Building strong links between universities and professional associations also has great benefits for students. "Through our relationship with ICAA UQBS students have the surety of programs accredited by a peak professional body as well as a greater number of pathways for professional qualifications," said Professor Green. The lunch will take place at the University of Queensland St Lucia Campus on Wednesday 22 July. For more information please contact Amy Hyslop at events@business.uq.edu.au.