UQ students work on major consulting project

29 Jul 2009
Four UQ Business School students recently contributed their expertise to a Chinese development project worth an estimated $15 billion as part of their postgraduate studies. The group of students, led by Senior Lecturer Dr Dongming Xu, worked for the Caofeidian Industry Zone Council in its seaport development project. Students Nicholas Parsons (St Lucia), Scott Russell (Petrie), Renae Agrey (Toowong) and Gai Sin Liem (St Lucia) worked on six different projects, which included e-Government system planning and designing, e-Government business blueprint design, IT outsourcing feasibility study, and strategies to attract investment. The students assessed the Industry Zone's current situation and its challenges, later presenting their findings to Industry Zone staff, and top management team. Caofeidian Industry Zone is considered a key project in China, and construction is expected to be in full swing in 2009. The Council is proposing to establish long-term collaboration efforts with both UQ and City University of Hong Kong, Dr Xu said. This year's study was conducted from 28 June to 4 July. 25 students from City University of Hong Kong are also enrolled in the course. Students will be documenting study diaries of their experience online.