Was it something I said? Or was it the WAY I SAID IT?

23 Nov 2010
Neal Ashkanasy

UQ students and staff could score two movie tickets for participating in a study investigating cultural similarities in the way people express emotion with their voices.

Instead of focusing on the words people use, researchers will examine the vocal tone and tone of voice people use to express emotions.

Lead researcher and world expert on emotions at work Professor Neal Ashkanasy said recent research revealed both universal and culture-specific aspects of emotion recognition.

He said, “We hope to show more clearly which aspects of emotion expression are common across our English-speaking test countries and which are due to cultural learning.”

“The study will involve respondents in the USA, Australia, India, Singapore, and Kenya.

“We are currently looking for Australian-born participants between the ages of 18 and 35 years who are native English speakers.

“Participants will simply select descriptions for a range of vocal expressions in a session at St Lucia that will take no more than an hour and a half on Friday 10th December. Participants can come anytime between 2pm or 5.30pm.”

For more information about the study please email jemma.cheetham@uqconnect.edu.au