UQBS Honours student secures Barclays Capital graduate position

17 Dec 2010
UQBS Honours student

UQ Business School Honours graduate Jeremy Chen has secured a coveted position with international financial services leader Barclays Capital.

The appointment followed Jeremy’s Honours year in management, and his research into the relationship between conflict and workplace trust.

Initially based with Barclays Capital in Singapore, Jeremy recently completed a five and half week industry specific training program in London before relocating to Hong Kong.

“While work can get incredibly busy, it’s been such a blessing to have an opportunity to be on the graduate program with Barclays Capital,” Jeremy said.

“Without a doubt my studies at UQ Business School equipped me with both the knowledge and skills industry was looking for,” he said.

“My Honours year was unforgettable and I had an exciting research project that allowed me to make a significant contribution to the management field.”

Jeremy will complete three rotations with HR teams within Barclays Capital before ‘rolling off’ the graduate program as an HR Analyst.

His Honours’ research paper (co-authored with his advisor, Dr Remi Ayoko) was named the winner of the 2010 Best Paper Award by the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management’s Organisational Behaviour Stream. The paper highlighted the importance of managing conflict and emotions for increased organizational trust.

UQ Business School’s Dr Remi Ayoko said the award was a testament to Jeremy’s hard work and that his Honours research could be potentially published in a prestigious international journal.

“Jeremy’s research into understanding trust and conflict in the workplace was very important,” said Dr Ayoko.

“When negative conflict occurs in the workplace, trust can be lost and if there’s no trust it’s difficult for an employee to work productively,” she said.

“Jeremy was extremely focused and I expected a lot from him, so I was very pleased when I heard about the great opportunities he has ahead of him with Barclays, they’re definitely well deserved.

“I’m especially glad he was able to get a role in Human Resources where his research will be invaluable, I’m confident he’ll be able to use all the skills he gathered in the UQ Business School program in this role.”