Customer service expert wins top awards

29 Jan 2012

A UQ Business School Professor renowned for her research into customer service has won two top industry awards underlining her role as one of Australasia’s leading marketing experts.

Janet McColl-Kennedy, Professor of Marketing at the business school, was made a Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC) at the organisation’s 2011 conference in Perth, in recognition of her professional achievements. She also won the Distinguished Researcher award, which is presented annually to the member of the ANZMAC community judged to have made the most significant contribution to advancing our knowledge of marketing.

Janet is internationally recognised for her work in customer service, particularly the way in which front-line staff interface with customers, and in service recovery – how organisations can rectify matters after service delivery goes wrong. She is the co-author of over 80 scholarly publications and four books.

Her previous research has included the effects of customer-focused business strategies on an organisation’s performance, and the growing phenomenon of ‘customer rage’ – what happens when customers become infuriated as a result of poor service and how organisations should respond.

These latest awards follow a number of other recent accolades. Janet has also been appointed to the advisory board of the Cambridge Service Alliance, a global alliance between global businesses and universities devoted to developing the service solutions of the future. Meanwhile a paper she co-authored, Customer rage: Triggers, tipping points, and take-outs, was nominated for the Accenture Award.

Business, Economics and Law Faculty Acting Executive Dean, Professor Iain Watson, said: “Janet’s work continues to push forward the boundaries of our knowledge on customer service and marketing. These latest well-deserved successes are valued recognition of her research achievements and her service to the discipline.”