Information systems course adopts cutting edge technology

14 Feb 2012
Sabine Matook

Information systems students at UQ Business School can now benefit from training on the latest cutting edge technology as part of their course.

Enterprise Architect, an innovative tool for managing complex information, has been introduced as part of the Analysis and Design classes (INFS3222 and INFS7255) in the first semester of 2012.

Developed by the Melbourne based company Sparx Systems, Enterprise Architect can be used for everything from designing and constructing software systems to business process modeling, software testing and mind mapping. The software has won multiple awards and has become the tool of choice for developers, consultants and analysts in over 160 countries.

Enterprise Architect helps individuals, groups and large organisations model and manage complex information and is widely used in sectors such as health, aerospace, banking, insurance, automotive, and government.

Course lecturer Sabine Matook says: “Enterprise Architect has been adopted by companies worldwide so it is very useful for graduates to know. By adopting it as part of our curriculum, we can ensure that students have the best possible start to their career.”

Students are being trained on the software under the guidance of lecturers and industry experts. The hands-on tutorials use case studies and real-life scenarios to show students how to use the software and allow them to gain expertise and deeper insights into software analysis.

The course assignment will provide students with the opportunity to showcase their knowledge. In addition, industry professionals and IT consultants who use the tool in their daily work will give guest lectures and share their experiences and tips.