Are you behind on Brazil?

14 May 2012
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With Brazil now the world’s number one emerging economy, companies are being asked whether they are ready to take advantage of the opportunities it can offer.

‘Behind on Brazil?’ is one of a series of questions that UQ Business School is posing to businesses. As the school celebrates its tenth anniversary, it is encouraging them to plan ahead for the challenges and opportunities that the next ten years will bring.

“Brazil has been growing steadily and is now the sixth largest economy in the world, recently surpassing the UK,” says Professor Peter Liesch, Professor of International Business at UQ Business School. “The country has some similarities with Australia. It is looking to define its relationship with the superpowers, it is led by a woman – President Dilma Rousseff – and is heavily reliant on natural resources.

“Brazil has the potential to be a key trading partner for us and offers a lot of potential for Australian businesses, however they need to do their research and consider what they can offer and how they can enter the market.”

Andrew Griffiths, Dean of UQ Business School, added: “UQ Business School aims to ensure Australian businesses are prepared for the decade ahead. Over the next ten years we will be playing a key role in helping them to take advantage of opportunities, adapt to the changing business environment and develop the skills and solutions necessary to support a thriving economy.”