Are You Ready for the World Water Crisis?

14 May 2012
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As the rising world population and growing use of water places increasing pressure on supplies, UQ Business School is asking managers to consider what effect a future water shortage could have on their organisation.

‘Ready for the world water crisis?’ is one of a series of questions that the school is posing to businesses. As part of a campaign to mark its tenth anniversary, it is encouraging them to look ten years ahead and prepare for the challenges they may face.

According to the World Water Council, increasing demand for water by agriculture, industry and domestic users could have serious consequences for the environment and result in tensions between different users at a national and international level.

Andrew Griffiths, Dean of UQ Business School, said: “As we celebrate the end of our first decade, we’re encouraging firms to consider what the business environment will look like a decade ahead and what challenges they will face.”

“UQ Business School aims to help firms to keep abreast of the issues and be prepared. Over the next ten years we will be playing a key role in helping Australian business to develop the skills and solutions necessary to support a thriving economy.”