David’s Book Reveals How to Succeed in Service Sector

15 Oct 2012
David Parker

As the service sector becomes an increasingly important part of the economy, a new book by a UQ Business School academic reveals the secrets of running successful service organisations.

Service Operations Management: The Total Experience by Dr David Parker is aimed at operations managers and students in industries including hospitality, tourism, transport, retail, not for profit and the public sector.

The book, which incorporates the latest research, explains how service sector organisations can remain competitive by increasing innovation and improving quality and productivity. It covers topic such as developing strategy, improving processes, leadership in the service sector, supply and logistics and sustainability. There are separate chapters covering the not-for-profit and public sector, and electronic service operations.

An expert in operations management and project management, David is a Senior Lecturer at UQ Business School and a consultant who has advised companies including British Airways, Saab, Fonterra, Qld Treasury, Marks & Spencer, GE Money, HSBC, TI Engineering, Triumph, RSPB, Rixons, Sports Girl and Maersk.

The latest book has received glowing reviews both from academics and managers. George Downie, Senior Lecturer at Southampton Business School in the UK, said the book provided a ‘comprehensive understanding of the forces that shape and change the service sectors’. He added: “The author recognises the critical fact that service operations is worlds apart from manufacturing operations management.”

Meanwhile Derek Lundberg of Metcash Food & Grocery said: “David has captured the essentials of service operations within a complete enterprise framework.”

Andrew Griffiths, Dean of UQ Business School, said: “David is not only a renowned academic but also a top business consultant with a wealth of practical experience. The book provides valuable insights into running a successful service operation and further highlights the calibre of staff at UQ Business School that includes some of the world’s best business thinkers.”