Sustainable supply chain research wins best paper award

18 Feb 2013
Stuart So & Professor Charmine Hartel

A research paper by three UQ Business School academics has won an award from the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM).

Stuart So, David Parker and Henry Xu received the award for best paper in the Technology, Innovation & Supply Chain Management category at ANZAM’s annual conference in Perth in December 2012.

Their paper focuses on the adoption of sustainable supply chain management (SSCM) and outlines a new research model which they developed and tested using data from over 500 manufacturing firms in 17 countries. The research investigated the interactions between green supply chain practices and organisational behaviour in an Internet-enabled supply chain environment based on contemporary behaviour theories. Their research suggests that four motivational factors could significantly influence the successful adoption of SSCM.

Stuart So, who was the primary author, is a PhD student who is currently working on his second doctorate at UQ Business School and who specialises in operations management. His other research interests include lean thinking, e-business, and green innovation and diffusions.

David Parker is a Senior Lecturer in Business Operations Management while Henry Xu is a Lecturer in Strategy. All three have an interest in supply chain management.

Stuart said: “Supply chain sustainability is now regarded as the key to delivering long-term profitability, therefore it is critical that we understand more about the adoption process and the factors which affect this. The research on SSCM is still relatively young. We will seek to build stronger theoretical linkages between sustainability and supply chain management with the aim of opening a new research avenue in operations management. Our work has set a new direction for research into this field and we are delighted that our contribution has been recognised.”