Making innovation a competitive advantage

3 Aug 2015
Dr Tim Kastelle

UQ Business School innovation expert, Dr Tim Kastelle, was recently invited to speak before an audience of over 50 senior executives at an innovation conference in India.

The two-day conference preceded the 25th World Congress on Innovation and Creativity, facilitated by The Institute of Directors and the Australian Trade Commission, and held in Dubai.

Dr Kastelle’s interactive session, ‘Making Innovation a Competitive Advantage,’ addressed the areas of innovation strategy and implementation.

It aimed to inspire professionals to understand what innovation is, how it is important in today’s age, and how firms can be more innovative 

As a Senior Lecturer in strategy at UQ Business School and a regular Harvard Business Review columnist, Dr Tim Kastelle visited India with the intent of building business and academics relationships.

“It was great to have an opportunity to talk about innovation with business leaders in India, both in Mumbai and Bangalore. While the structure of their economy is different from Australia’s, the managers face many similar issues.

“Since innovation is an important driver of economic growth, it is an issue of great importance there. The talks for the Institute of Directors were a great experience – the level of engagement was extremely high with both sessions, and the quality of discussion was fantastic,” he said.

Whilst in Mumbai Dr Kastelle and UQ Business School’s Dean Professor Andrew Griffiths, also facilitated an afternoon of executive education for the Mahindra Group.