Marketing academic coaches professionals on brand equity theory

30 Jun 2016
Associate Professor Frank Alpert

UQ Business School marketing expert Associate Professor Frank Alpert recently gave a webinar presentation on ‘Conceptualising, Measuring, and Managing Brand Equity: A Simple Test for Marketing Communication Effectiveness’ to the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI).

The webinar series offered by AMI holds one webinar a month for the advanced education of marketing professionals.

Based around building brand equity by using Professor Kevin Keller’s Customer-Based Brand Equity model, the webinar offered attendees key take away points:

• How to define customer-based-brand equity
• Using  the Customer-Based Brand Equity model
• Simple ways to measure key brand associations
• A simple model for planning and assessing brand communications

Associate Professor Frank Alpert said participants learnt what brand equity is, how to employ an operational model of brand equity, how to position a brand using the brand equity model, and how to apply a simple model for testing the effectiveness of marketing communications to implement brand positioning and build brand equity.

“It is rare for webinars in this series to be given by Australian marketing academics. As part of an initiative to increase industry engagement my goal was to show marketing practitioners that there is nothing more practical than a good theory, which is a personal mantra of mine,” he said.

A good response was received with above average registration numbers and positive webinar ratings, which Associate Professor Alpert believes shows that marketing professionals are keen to hear state-of-the-art theory from academics who can make it clear and relevant for them.