Professor pitching in to mentor in hard to access countries

17 May 2017

UQ Business School Director of Research and finance expert Professor Robert Faff recently presented a webinar to University of Haripur (UoH) in Pakistan.

The webinar drew in more than a hundred participants from UoH, including the University’s Vice Chancellor, Dean, various faculty members and research students.

This was the second webinar that Professor Faff had presented to UoH after a successful webinar in 2016 and was designed to familiarise research students on New Synopsis Format, a concept developed from the work of Professor Faff’s ‘Pitching Research’.

Dr Abid Farid, Vice Chancellor of UoH formally introduced Professor Faff before elaborating on the concept of ‘Pitching Research’, highlighting the effectiveness of his template which was showcased in the 2016 top 30 innovations that inspire by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

Professor Faff explained to participants the effectiveness of his template with a working example, an aspect of his presentation considered most valuable by the participants.

Professor Faff extended his willingness to collaborate with UoH in the future after the dedication shown by UoH students and academic staff in organising the webinar.
“The question is how can we help these early career researchers?

“By broadcasting a talk in this way, we can ‘reach the unreachables’ to give them valuable interactive exposure to the concept of pitching research in a way that would otherwise be impossible to achieve,” he said.

Professor Faff said that there are tens of thousands of enthusiastic career researchers worldwide, and that he is determined to assist those who lack quality mentorship and guidance.

“Pakistan is just the beginning. I have plans to reach out with this webinar model to young researchers in many other hard to access countries including Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Morocco, Columbia, Turkey, Bangladesh, and the Ukraine,” he said.