Students given insights into the world of brand architecture

23 Oct 2017
Kristi Woolrych presenting to students
Kristi Woolrych presenting to students

UQ Business School Brand Management and Strategy students were given the opportunity to hear from Kristi Woolrych, Executive General Manager of Brand and Marketing at Suncorp Group.

Kristi presented to students on the changes in brand architecture and corporate brand strategies, drawing from her role at Suncorp to provide students with practical applications of knowledge.

Taking case studies from Suncorp, Kristie highlighted to the students the important changes that are occurring from a brand architecture point of view, says course coordinator Claudia Gonzalez.

“We have been really lucky because guest speakers have been generous to present case studies about current changes on the brand” said Claudia.

Claudia explains that courses like these present students with real life examples of what they learn in the classroom, allowing them to gain a better understanding of the application of knowledge to real life companies.

“The idea is to present real life experiences to students to improve their learning and engagement with the theory. The most exciting part is that students can understand how the theory we review in the course is challenged and applied in the real life” she said.

Kristi being one of many collaborations with practitioners this year demonstrates the practical application that UQ Business School provides its students to excel in an industry setting. Other collaborators have included Matt Granfield, General Manager of Marketing and Communications at Brisbane Marketing and Renee Davidson, General Manager of Marketing at RACQ.