UQ Business School Celebrates Staff Achievements at Awards

16 Dec 2018

The UQ Business School was proud to celebrate the impactful contributions of staff at the 2018 Annual Awards Evening. This year staff were invited to nominate other colleagues and teams for 19 different award categories, which received over 300 nominations.

The awards covered achievements across service, operations, leadership, learning design, teaching, research and impact.

The awards were presented by Dean and Head of School Professor Julie Cogin, School Manager Katie Farley, Director of Education Associate Professor Lisa Ruhanen and Director of Research Professor David Smith to the following recipients:

Professional Staff

Operational Excellence Award – Karen Teitzel
Team Award for Service Excellence – Student Administration team (Allanah Yu, Michelle Goward, Alicia van Zyl, Buddy Nuku, Ella Rodda, Jacqui McGoon, Bronwyn Webb, Karen Morgan, Alexandra Ramirez, Courtney Gardner, George Jansen van Vuuren, Vina Momoka, Sasha Osterburg, Joan Pares, Maureen Piggott, Fiona Porter, Lauren Cunningham, Sylvia Bonny and Caron Crossan)
Award for Service Excellence – Helen Lambe & Karen Morgan
Team Award for Performance Excellence – Marketing team (Jordan McCarthy, Philippa Cable, Kate Cupples, Josh Bouwman, Emma Mackenzie, Laura Armistead, Emma Pryor, Rhian McDonald, Tanya White and Jessica Dobson)
Awards for Performance Excellence – Georgina Duncan & Michelle Goward
Transformational Leadership Award – Trisha Barbour
Team Award for Impact – The Social Club (Kate Cupples and Angela Galantai)
Award for Business Improvement – Caron Crossan


Award for Innovation in Large Courses – MGTS3301 Business Policy and Strategy team (Stuart Middleton, Amit Sharma, April Wright, Ross Strong)
Award for Enhancing the First Year Student Experience – MGTS1301 Introduction to Management team (Geoff Greenfield, Cle-Anne Gabriel and Gemma Irving)
Award for Excellence in Blended Learning – Tourism MOOC team (Richard Robinson, Pierre Benckendorff, Sara Dolnicar, Sally Driml, Sheranne Fairley, Karen Hughes, Judith Mair, Gabby Walters, Brent Ritchie, David Solnet and Lisa Ruhanen)
Award for Excellence in Blended Learning – Corporate Innovation MicroMasters team (Martie-Louise Verreynne, Anna Jenkins, Tim Kastelle, Abigail Downie and John Steen)
Award for Excellence in Blended Learning – Business Leadership MicroMasters team (Tyler Okimoto, Bernard McKenna, Terry Fitzsimmons, Richard O’Quinn and Christina Katterfeld)
Award for Excellence in Student Engagement – Startup Academy team (Cameron Turner, Tim Kastelle and Sarel Gronum)
Award for Innovation in Assessment Design – MBA Capstone Course (Nicole Hartley and Abby Reynolds)
Tutor Award for Excellence – Victor Maxwell


Early Career Researcher Excellence in Research Award – Ida Asadi Someh and Tina Gao
Research Excellence Award (up to Level D) – Wen He
Industry Engagement and Non-Academic Impact Award – John Steen
Cross-Discipline Research Award – Service Innovation IRT (Janet McColl Kennedy, Brent Ritchie, Nicole Hartley, Marta Indulska, Kumar Rakesh Ranjan, David Solnet, Alastair Tombs, Martie-Louise Verreynne, Gabby Walters, Jay Weerawardena)

Leadership Awards

Dean’s Award for Educational Leadership – Sarel Gronum
Dean’s Award for Impactful Leadership – Jacqueline Humphrey
Dean’s Award for Excellence in Leadership – Katie Farley

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