Growing Australian Business

1 Jan 2016

The Growing Australian Business research project uses the method developed by the Centre for Business Research (CBR) at the University of Cambridge to investigate the factors which determine the rate of growth and financial and innovative performance of Australian firms.

The research design is internationally comparative and seeks to locate the growth and performance characteristics of Australian firms relative to those of comparable businesses in New Zealand and the UK which are being investigated in parallel projects at CBR (UK) and the Growing New Zealand Business group (GNZB) at the University of Auckland (New Zealand).

The research establishes a new multivariable panel dataset relating to several thousand firms in Australia observed at discrete points in time in the project’s life. The research aims to advance the fundamental understanding of firm level innovation, provide the basis for evidence based policy analysis and establish a unique database for further development and analysis beyond the life of the project.


Our research group

Our group consists of a number of researchers who are passionate about engaging with Australian firms to understand what the enablers and limitations are to help them reach their business goals. Links to staff profile pages are provided below.

Principal Investigators: A/Prof Martie-Louise Verreynne and A/Prof John Steen
Lead researchers: Dr Lisette Pregelj, Jerad Ford and Dr Sarel Gronum


Our partners

Here are links to the websites of our key research partners:

Acknowledgement: The first iterations of this survey were funded by the Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation (DSITI) and UniQuest's Pathfinder Funding Scheme. Download the Queensland Innovation Survey, which is based on the data that was provided to DSITI.


Other publications


The research project

The Growing Australian Businesses project is an undertaking of the University of Queensland Business School. The purpose is to examine the organisational factors that distinguish growing firms from others with a view on providing policy advice, advice to firms and industry groups and to be used for academic and business publications.

During 2010, 2012 and 2014 a broad population of Australian businesses from all industries, sizes and states were surveyed. Respondents were given the option of returning questionnaires via mail or by completing an online survey. In total, more than 5,500 unique responses to the survey have been provided.

The questionnaire was originally developed by CBR and adapted for the Australian business environment after consultation with industry experts and business owners. The questionnaire contains 44 questions, which can generate more than 400 variables addressing the general characteristics of the firm, innovation, competition and collaboration, finance and managerial practices.